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I feel like writing down my favorite songs right now.

Like Jesus Does- Eric Church

Hey Pretty Girl- Kip Moore

Wagon Wheel- Darius Rucker

Beat This Summer- Brad Paisley

Get Your Shine On- Florida Georgia Line

Mama’s Broken Heart- Miranda Lambert

Sure Be Cool If You Did- Blake Shelton

Pirate Flag- Kenny Chesney


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Rainy Season

Say that you love me, even if it’s not true

Say that this storm is just passing through

Baby, tell me you’re not leaving

It’s just the rainy season

The air’s getting heavy, and we both know why

So dance one more dance, and tell one more lie

Baby, let’s keep make-believing

That it’s the rainy season

We’re taking on water

Drop after drop we’re destroying this house and each other

Make it stop, make it stop

Wish I could just say it and words were enough

To keep you from being the one giving up

Like the sky letting go for no reason

In the rainy season

Baby, tell me you’re not leaving

In the rainy season

It’s just the rainy season

-Hunter Hayes